Can you use wheel bearing grease in a CV joint?

NOVEMBER 02, 2022

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CV joint grease question - Pelican Parts ForumsDec 19, 2016 — My question is: Can I get any off the shelf CV grease to put in there or do I to for some reason, plain jane wheel bearing grease would be fine

Choosing the Right Grease - Machinery Lubrication I use CV joint grease containing molybdenum disulfide for the front-wheel bearings of my passenger car. Should I take his recommendation?" If in doubt about View topic - Wheel bearing and CV grease So, I'm getting ready to re-do my wheel bearings and CV joints. Anyway, what is a good grease to use on the bearings and CV's, and how 

Can you use wheel bearing grease in a CV joint?
  E D C B L d d1 d2
Lm11949/10 - - - 3.969 mm 173.838 mm - - -
Lm11949/10 - 140 mm - - - - - 105.5 mm
L44649/10 - 100.0000 mm - 21.00 mm - 55.000 mm - -
Gfb50t3b147-06 - - - - - - - -
28 - - - - - - - -
A10VO45 - 5.375 Inch | 136.525 - - - - - -
625zz - 300 mm - - - - - -
625 - - - 60 mm - 240 mm - -
Gcr15 29,2 mm - 12 mm - - - 23,7 mm -

Is there anything that I can use to temporarily grease my CVSep 20, 2016 — If the noise is coming from the joint (and not, say, a wheel bearing) I would not bother continuing to add grease because you are going to have 

Wheel bearing grease substitutes? | BMW E9 CoupeFeb 10, 2008 — Let me explain that I found the wheel bearing grease and used it, but I am using wheel bearing grease to repack cv joints or CV joint lube for wheel bearings? For what it's worth I suspect you would be fine with CV greaseAny Thoughts on Using Wheel Bearing Grease for a CV JointWhat if I leave this wheel bearing grease in the CV joint as primary lube? What is the difference b/t it and true CV grease? Thicker, thinner, temp 

Can you use wheel bearing grease in a CV joint?
625zz Bearing a10vso rexroth Bearing Bearing 6000 lm11949 Bearing
Gcr15 A10VSO Zro2 Lm11949/Lm11910
6204 A10vso (6000 Lm11949/Lm11910
625zz A10vso 6000/6200/6300 Lm11949/10
625zz Gft110 6203 Lm11949/10
625 Gfb50t3b147-06 6000 Lm11949/10
Gcr15 28 6000 L44649/10
Z3V3 A10VO45 6000 Lm11949/10
695zz A10vso 6000 -
695zz - 6000 -
- - 6000 -

CV JOINT GREASE | Penrite OilApplication CV Joint Grease is ideal for Constant Velocity (CV) and Universal CV Joint Grease can also be used on plain bearings, slow speed bearings (not How do I read this label? with a fully electric open-wheel based car that our team of students has designed, built, manufactured and tested from the ground upGrease is grease is grease. Or not? - Cycling UK ForumJan 29, 2016 — CV joint grease is much better than your typical car wheel bearing grease and if you read the small print you will probably find that you can use 

Hub bearing grease: regular or for cv joint? - Motor VehicleIf the bearing didn't come with grease, or a recommendation for grease, I'd be inclined to use high temperature wheel bearing greaseLubricating Light Vehicle Axle Shafts - Know Your PartsWhen installing axle shafts, adding too much lubricant can lead to many problems long after the service is completed due to hydrodynamic lock. of the hub. Now you have this build-up of lube that has no place to go. When installing a CV shaft into a bearing hub assembly, we don't recommend using any lubricant at all